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Saturday, March 2, 2019

How thawilsonblock magazine's release date affects local artists

As thawilsonblock approaches it's 100th magazine issue, Mistah Wilson has decided to temporarily change the release date for every weekly issue. On May 4th, 2019, thawilsonblock is scheduled to release Issue100. But, until that day comes, the release of every issue in will be changed from Wednesdays to Saturdays. Every Saturday, Mistah Wilson will be releasing a new issue. After Issue100, thawilsonblock magazine may experiment with a Bi-Weekly issue release format.

We must remember why Mistah Wilson decided to go weekly in the first place. Why did Mistah Wilson start weekly after 67 monthly issues? Well, publishing a new issue every week quadruples the amount of opportunities for local artists. When thawilsonMAG was being released on the 10th of every month, it meant that only 1 potential artist per month had a shot at gracing the cover. By going weekly, it provides more chances for local artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs to be given good looks.

The very odd change from Wednesdays to Saturdays comes after Mistah Wilson expressed how much work this publication takes and the amount of time it has demanded to maintain. Every week means that Mistah Wilson has to assemble a creative cover AND publish content on a near daily basis. When you look at the bigger picture, that can be a lot of work. 

If you support local artists and want to see thawilsonblock magazine continue to release weekly issues, you can join our Patreon. Below are the release dates leading up to Issue100.

Issue91 March 2nd
Issue92 March 9th
Issue93 March 16th
Issue94 March 23rd
Issue95 March 30th
Issue96 April 6th
Issue97 Apriil 13th
Issue98 April 20th
Issue99 April 27th
Issue100 May 4th

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