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Saturday, November 9, 2019

YBS Skola – “Making Moves”

On the verge of the highly-anticipated release of his new project, titled, Minor Setback. Rising rapper YBS Skola drops his latest single called “Making Moves”.

Following his previous hit “Communicating,” “Making Moves” details the lavish lifestyle he’s afforded due to persistent hard work. Name dropping bachelor status symbols like Audemars Piguet watches, foreign cars, and an unlimited supply of eye candy – the bouncy track is a hustler anthem.

From Baltimore, born Dajuan Cannady, Skola proudly represents B-more with motivational bangers and is the son of prominent community leader Stokey Cannady. A prominent member of the Young Ballers Shining crew, founded by the late Lor Scoota, he grew up on the west side of the city in Edmondson Village and only pursued rap after encouragement by family and the YBS crew.

Stream “Making Moves” now.

Handles – H1: Honesty And Loyalty Ever Seen (LP)

Virginia rapper Handles has built an impressive track to Hip Hop prominence with his stellar wordplay and undeniable stage presence. Ready to make his global debut, the fast-rising star teams up with a star-studded team of industry greats to deliver a noteworthy new album, entitled, H1: Honesty And Loyalty Ever Seen.

Among the 10-track project, Handles nabs popular producer Araab Muzik and the guidance of well-known emcee and formerly of the popular Roc-a-Fella group Young Gunz’s Young Chris. The new album includes breakout tracks, “Mob Ties” and “520s”. And with guest features by 1st Official, DopeBoyzMuzic, DJ Kool Flash, Kori Nicole, Fuzzy, Mr.Jones, and Marka.

A first for many new discoveries, H1: Honesty And Loyalty Ever Seen is the perfect jump-on point for any fan past, present and future. Follow Handles today on

Via Real Music Group, checkout the complete tracklist below.
01. 520s [prod.by AraabMUZIK] 02. MOB TIES (feat. Young Chris & Marka) [prod.by DopeBoyzMuzic] 03. Boss Moves (feat. Mr.Jones) [prod.by DopeBoyzMuzic] 04. PENpal [prod.by 1st Official] 05. MENU (feat. Sonja) [prod.by OSYM+THX] 06. Too Late (feat. Sonja) [prod.by OSYM] 07. Young Souls (feat. Kori Nicole) [prod.by OSYM] 08. Focused On You (feat. Fuzzy) [prod.by OSYM+THX] 09. 99% + 1 [prod.by 1st Official] 10. My Slice (feat. DJ Kool Flash) [prod.by 1st Official]

Stream now.

Friday, November 8, 2019

Jax Yohana – Star Seed (EP)

Trailblazing an undeniable path to the top of Hip Hop with an impressive 18,611 monthly listeners and latest hits “We in the League,” “In a Minute” and “Truthful”. Today, Houston-by-way-of-California recording artist Jax Yohana pulls out all the stops for his new collective, creatively-titled, Star Seed.

A triple-threat entertainer, Jax is deeply-rooted in the gospel and plays the piano, organ, saxophone, and drums. A well-known producer, Yohana has produced for some of the biggest names in today’s music. The new project sets up the rising star’s ascension to superstar status with intriguing subject matter and catchy sing-a-longs.

Among the seven-track project includes guest features by notable mentions Bridget Kelly, Sam Hook and Anthony Sweeney. Featuring breakout songs like “DPG,” “Nu Drip” and “Dub 4 Love”. Stream now via The Ninth House, Star Seed is Yohana’s defining moment which will easily set up his 2020 takeover.

Chow Mane – “Simmering” | MIC SESSION

Chow Mane slides thru our Los Angeles HQ and drops his exclusive Mic Session performing, “Simmering”.

Follow Chow Mane on IG: Instagram.com/chowmane

Kut One, Neek the Exotic & Nine – “The Icons Series, Vols. 1 & 2” (EP Review)

Kut One is a producer from Melbourne, Australia & this is the inaugural installment of a series of EPs celebrating the grimier side of underground hip hop. We got Kut paying homage to Queens veteran Neek the Exotic on the first half & then to Bronx titan Nine on the other.

The opener “Welcome to Violence” with Kool G Rap & Royal Flush sees the 3 delivering grim bars in their own unique styles over a sinister instrumental then the next song “We Do It” reclaims his prowess over a high-pitched soul sample. The track “Everything’s on Course” with Large Professor sees the 2 talking about their longevity over a boom bap beat with some luxurious keyboards & then the final Neek song “I Don’t Know” talks about the culture being his life over a blissful instrumental.

Then we get into the second half with “Basquiat”, where Nine talks about his craft over a woozy beat. The next song “When Ah Pull Up” gets into the mind of a criminal over a suspenseful instrumental while the track “Might Get Shot” gets paranoid over a gloomy instrumental. The track “Welcome to New York” is a vivid description of life in Nine’s home-state over a mafia-like instrumental & then “Gimme My Money” is a cool bonus cut where Nine perfectly switches up his flow over a militant instrumental. The uncredited guest rap verse near the end was alright too.

For the first installment, this isn’t bad. Neek & Nine both go on to remind us that they’re some of the rawest NY spitters of all-time with Kut One’s grimy production suiting their bars fantastically.

Score: 8/10

[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=4105011561 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small]

Gromo – “Nuke”

A familiar act on UGHHB with previous hits, “RIP,” “Hurry” and “Find Me”. New York sensation Gromo returns with his explosive new song, titled, “Nuke”. Another hit filled with heavy 808s, steady electronic dance sound and signature chemistry with singer Hush as a reoccurring guest feature.

On the new song, Gromo and Hush dance to the good times and bad times that we all deal with in this thing called life. Using a developed signature sound, Gromo sets up a promising 2020 filled with anticipation of not only more new music but a potentially breakthrough full-length project. Gromo releases the new track on his own imprint.

Stream it now. Gromo on the making “Nuke”:

“ It was important for me with “Nuke” to take the listener somewhere. My favorite albums by artists like Wu-Tang Clan, Nas, Mobb Deep, and Dr. Dre all take the listener on a journey into their world. The music reflects their realities. With “Nuke”, I want to take you into the world of mind and imagination of Gromo. When I first created the song, the idea was to cross-pollinate the energy of EDM with the rawness and gritty Hip-Hop.”

Crimeapple – “Viridi Panem” (EP Review)

This is the 8th EP from rising New Jersey spitter Crimeapple, who first blew up in the underground with his Sweet Dreams EP that dropped on Halloween a couple years ago. This was followed up with his Big Ghost Ltd.-produced debut Aguardiente the following year but if dropping Wet Dirt with DJ Skizz & Medallo with DJ Muggs wasn’t enough for Crimeapple in 2019, he’s decided to close out 2019 with Viridi Panem.

After the “Initium” intro, we go into the first song “Lupos”. Where Crimeapple talks about being the greatest over a demented boom bap beat. The next track “Entenmann’s” compares the cocaine he’s pushing to the titular donut shop over a cavernous boom bap beat while the song “D’Angelo Vickers” gets mafioso over a gritty beat.

The track “Alium” gets romantic over a slow yet eerie instrumental while the song “Phil Spectre” goes at his competition over a ghostly instrumental. The penultimate track “Dead Gringos” of course gets murderous over an ambient/boom bap fusion & then the EP ends with “Time to Go”, where Crimeapple brags over a soulful instrumental.

This is yet another example of why Crimeapple is one of the best MCs in the underground right now. His lyricism continues to stay grittier with each release & even the production from Buck Dudley is pretty hard as well.

Score: 8/10

Maez301 – Self-Titled (Album Review)

Maez301 is a 26 year old rapper from Gaithersburg, Maryland that first got his start in 2017 with his debut mixtape Nowhere. The project eventually caught the attention of Ervin Pope & Jerome Taylor, both of whom helped Maez get a record contract with Strange Music last year. And as the label closes out 2019, they’re letting Maez shine with his self-titled debut entirely produced by Ervin.

The intro “Change” finds Maez pouring his heart out over a mellow instrumental while the next song “Advance” starts bragging over a nocturnal trap beat. The track “On One” talks about his newfound success over an instrumental with a chill West Coast feel to it while the song “Ay” with Tech N9ne sees the 2 talking about being on top of the game over a colorful instrumental.

The track “Rider” with Infinite E sees the 2 talking about their main chicks over a dream-like instrumental while the song “Fuck No” with Nef the Pharaoh sees the 2 talking about not loving hoes over a galactic instrumental. The track “Fake Love” with Leilia sees the 2 talking about a chick frontin’ over a smooth trap beat while the song “Get ‘Em” goes at his competition over a minimalist instrumental. The track “Emoji” is a sensual R&B tune while the song “Watch Me” angrily raps about his haters over a suiting instrumental.

The track “Fucked Up for You” vents about an ex over a chilled out instrumental while the song “No Rest” finds Maez pouring his heart out over a vibrant instrumental & I absolutely love the Travis Scott homage in the hook. The track “Dream” with Black Jesus talks about chasing their lifelong goals over a relaxing beat with this prominent acoustic guitar while the song “Made It” of course continues to brag about Maez’ success over a rich instrumental. The track “Dogg’n These Hoes” gets back with Infinite E to talk about just that over a trap beat with some Neptunes inspired piano chords & the song “Grab a Bag” while repetitive is a catchy club banger.

The track “Switch” talks about how he came a long way over a moody instrumental while the song “Break Your Heart” talks about making it right with his girl over a funky beat. The penultimate track “Real Bitch” talks about needing a good woman over a futuristic sounding trap beat & then the album ends with “Momma”, where Maez pens an endearing tribute to the woman who gave him life over a spacey beat.

To me, this kid is the future of Strange Music alongside King Iso. The features were just decent for me personally with my favorites being Tech & Nef, but Maez has a lot versatility & I really think Ervin’s production really helps hone that in. Really excited to see him grow as an artist & what the label has in store for him next.

Score: 7/10

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Frank B. – “Frankenstein” (Video)

Brooklyn’s very own Frank B. releases his new horror-themed video for “Frankenstein,” a Dame Grease produced banger off the emcee’s long-awaited debut album, ‘Let Me B Frank.’ Head over to your preferred digital retailer or streaming platform to support the track, which is available now through Frank’s family imprint, Nobel House.

Jeremy Sanchez – “Queen City King” (Album)

Up and coming Charlotte, North Carolina based Hip Hop artist Jeremy Sanchez releases his new 7 track project titled “Queen City King“.

Elii 2 Eyes – “Season Thing” (Prod. By Noden)

Rising San Jose, CA based Hip Hop artist Elii 2 Eyes releases his new single titled “Season Thing” produced by Noden.

Elii 2 Eyes is an energetic MC looking to bring a smooth-as-silk flow to the Bay Area rap genre. Elii’s music is never the same and always refreshed. Listeners can expect to hear hints of chill-hop, alternative, funk, jazz, and lo-fi genres throughout his work. His music mirrors his own life experiences and constantly expresses his forever motto of “Big Chillin”. The style of Elii 2 Eye’s music is best described as smooth, uplifting, and perfect for sipping an ice-cold beer.

Trizz & Sahtyre – “Hands Clean” (Video)

Two months ago in September, Los Angeles based rappers Trizz and Sahtyre released a collaboration EP titled “Hades“. The duo is now back to release the second visual off the EP for the track “Hands Clean” that is produced by Burnin’ Giraph. Video is shot by Justin Carney and edited by Cassidy Howell.

Thees Handz (Murs &The Grouch) – Thees Handz (Video)

Murs and The Grouch are on a mission to give Living Legends fans what they want forming their own duo with a new collaborative self titled album, “Thees Handz” dropping tomorrow.  Check out thier new video!

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Jeff Kush – “Did It”, “Money Talks”, & “Catfight”

Ready for some real Hip Hop? We got just the thing for you.

Philadelphia recording artist Jeff Kush seized 2019, thanks to his breakout debut Boundless, earning an opportunity to impress legendary industry influencer Sway on his popular Sirus XM broadcast Sway’s Universe. A newly discovered fanbase, the talented lyricist feeds fans with three new tracks to get familiar with in “Did It,” “Money Talks,” and “Catfight”. Backed by a trio of underground producers, Kush identifies himself as witty, aggressive and very knowledgable in deep diving metaphorical lyricism.

With the release of new material, Kush reveals an endless amount of vintage content for new fans to dive through and learn everything there is to know about the next big thing in Philly Hip Hop.

Stream “Did It” now.

Stream “Money Talks” now.

Stream “Catfight” now.

Solidified by major co-signs and a breakthrough debut album, Jeff Kush enters into 2020 with a promising sophomore album on the horizon. Sure to prep the forthcoming release with a slew of new music. Feel free to stay tuned to everything Jeff Kush on Instagram.

Enjoy the new music? Stream Jeff Kush’s complete catalog now on Spotify.

MAG – “Designer”

Independent Hip Hop artist out of Lancaster, PA MAG releases his new single titled “Designer“, stream it on SPOTIFY today!  Produced by D3aFinest ent.  Follow MAG on IG @iammag94.

Tayyib Ali – “Head To The Sky” | MIC SESSION

Tayyib Ali slides thru our Los Angeles HQ and drops his exclusive Mic Session performing, “Head To The Sky”.

Follow Tayyib Ali on IG: Instagram.com/tvyyib

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Dano Cashh – “Did It Again”

Fast-rising sound Dano Cashh is scouted as the next big thing coming out of the South in 2020. The new artist solidifies his presence with the new song, “Did It Again”. Stream it below, Cashh gives a taste of what to expect on the new project, “Did It Again” is the lead single and possibly his best work yet.

Aligned with Str8 Drop Entertainment, Dano Cashh, is a German-American recording artist. His primary music genre is Hip Hop, including Trap, Low-Fi Rap and some R & B. Born in rural Germany and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Dano became a media celebrity after his performance with Ty Money, on Parkay’s widely publicized single “Big League” went viral.

“Did It Again” will appear on Dano’s new project called Work. The seven-track collection is available now on Soundcloud.

Whitney Peyton – “I Got It”

To celebrate her new contract with Suburban Noize Records, Philly emcee Whitney Peyton has just delivered the lead single off her upcoming album Alpha dropping on January 24.

Monday, November 4, 2019

PODCAST: The Most Disgusting Breakfast I Ever Had!

Mistah Wilson gives a not-so-good review on Seattle's Biscuit Bitch restaurant 👀👀👀

Ketch P – Gift Certificate (Mixtape Review)

Ketch P is a veteran from Inkster, Michigan known for being a member of the quartet Street Justice. He’s released a few solo mixtapes in the past like What Happened? & Motown is Back but with the help of Middle Finger Music, he’s returning from a 6 year hiatus with Gift Certificate.

The tape starts off with “Welcome/Whatupdoe”, where Ketch reintroduces himself over a classy soul sample. The next song “313” is filled with witty battle bars over an beat from Chanes while the track “Doap Pusher” compares himself to a drug dealer over a vintage beat from Peace of Mind. The song “Kareem & Shaq” finds Ketch liking him & his Bad News Brown cohort Foul Mouth to the legendary Lakers players of the same name over an alluring boom bap beat while the track “Ode to the Roots” pays tribute to those that came before him over an instrumental from Jimbo Slice with these Godly background vocals.

The song “Back Outside” with Finale & Vstylez sees the 3 talking about shutting shit down over an uplifting instrumental from Blizzard while the song “Middle Finger Trophies” with Bubba Rock & Rim finds the 3 getting bellicose over a soulful boom bap beat. The song “Boom Bap Shit” pays homage to the titular subgenre over a soulful instrumental while the track “Get the Money” with Isaac Castor talks about making dough over some claps & a fitting vocal sample. The song “Street Justice Nigga” with Jypsy sees the 2 reminding their competition who they’re dealing with over a boom bap beat with some strings & horns while the track “Death Soup” with Guilty Simpson & Paradime finds the 3 talking about Detroit being untouchable over another soulful boom bap beat.

The song “Top 10s & Buffs” talks about Middle Finger Music being in the house over a Foul Mouth beat with some eerie vocals looped throughout while the track “Poured Up” of course talks about alcohol over a wavy boom bap beat. The song “Like This” sees the 2 getting romantic over a delicate beat then the closer “Fish Grease” takes the opportunity to showcase Ketch’s lyricism 1 last time & not only do I like how the instrumental switches from being organ-inflicted to something funky, but I love how he speeds up his flow during the last 30 seconds.

I’ve been waiting for this all year & at the end of the day, it’s easily Ketch’s best work to date. Middle Finger Music has been reminding me for the past year now that they’re one of the best labels in the underground right now & this is no exception, as Ketch P’s lyricism has gotten sharper with time & the production continues to be grimier with each release the label puts out.

Score: 8/10

[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=660422146 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small]

ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue117 featuring "Tha Street Life" DEBUT SINGLE by C.O Chosen One

Download   ///   View on YouTube   ///   Follow C.O Chosen One on Instagram   ///   Visit Website

Poet / Rap Artist C.O Chosen One releases his debut single "Tha Street Life" exclusively available in ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue117!!!

Riff Raff – Canberry Vampire (EP)

Well known indie recording artist Riff Raff is riding a wave with his new Chief Keef-featured single, “Floor Seats”. Accompanying the single is the long-awaited new album, titled, Canberry Vampire. Same ol’ Riff Raff, the popular artist delivers 12 brand new tracks that takes his sound to the next level.

Riff Raff on the new album:

“Going into this project we knew we had to make a body of work that would top Neon Icon, being that we got a larger budget to ensure that this effort was worth doing. So we decide to do that and then we did that. That’s how Cranberry Vampire was created.”

The album includes collaborations from Dirty Nasty, Brandon Bills, Topanga Jack, and Apol. Available now on Million Dollar Mullet Music, stream the new album now on Spotify.

Eman Get Dough – “Hop Out” (Video)

Following his recent collaboration with F$O Dinero called “Changing Weathers,” Miami-based rapper Eman Get Dough drops his latest solo effort, properly-titled, “Hop Out”. Filmed by Benny Flash, a No Jumper premiere, “Hop Out” was shot on location in an undisclosed chop shop. The HD clip finds the Everybody Get Dough recording artist showcasing his mechanic talents while simultaneously flexing in front of a Mercedes Benz with his signature chain.

EGD is best known for his hit single, “Digital Dash”. “Hop Out” is the follow up to his previous solo release, “Addicted“. “Hop Out” sets up a big 2020 for the promising artist who many have referred to as on the verge of being the next big star to come out of Florida since XXXTentacion. Afterward, follow EGD on Twitter.

Watch “Hop Out” now.

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Vic The Boom Baptist "Sumday" Single

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Friday, November 1, 2019

Brother Ali – “Secrets & Escapes” (Album Review)

This is the surprise 7th full-length album from Minneapolis veteran Brother Ali, the activist/battle emcee that first exploded in the underground with his 2003 sophomore album Shadows in the Sun along with his 2007 follow-up The Undisputed Truth. He just made a fantastic comeback in 2017 with All the Beauty in This Whole Life & with the Halloween season being over, he has teamed up with Evidence for Secrets & Escapes.

The opener “Abu Enzo” talks about where he comes from over a lush instrumental while the next song “Situated” with Pharoahe Monch finds the 2 spitting battle bars over a boom bap beat with a soul sample cutting in & out. The “Greatest That Never Lived” charismatically brags over a spooky instrumental while the song “Father Figures” talks about the people Ali looks up to over a reclining beat. The very short “Apple Tree Me” gets threatening over a ghostly instrumental while the song “Red” finds both Ali & Evidence showing off their own levels of lyricism over a suspenseful beat.

The title track talks about internal conflict over a chilling instrumental while the song “De La Kufi” with Talib Kweli of course sees the 2 kicking knowledge over savory soul sample. The track “Red Light Zone” disses those who be clout chasing on the internet over a funky beat & even though “The Idhin” is brief, Ali comes through with some vivid bars over an almost ambient-like instrumental. Then there’s the closer “They Shot Ricky”, where Ali shows off his storytelling talents over this jazzy instrumental.

Wasn’t expecting this, but it’s one of his best efforts yet. Even though it’s a little over a half hour long, there’s a prominently fantastic chemistry between Evidence’s top notch production & Brother Ali’s intelligent lyricism. If you wanna hear 2 underrated titans from the midwest & the west coast, then PLEASE give this a listen.

Score: 8/10

Ariano & Jade River – “A Child Trapped In Poems” (Album)

New album by rising SoCal based artist Ariano and producer Jade River titled “A Child Trapped In Poems“.

PC – StashBag (Album Review)

Rising Bronx rapper PC is quickly becoming a breakout star in underground East Coast Hip Hop. Ready to take his opportunity to the next level, the new artist delivers his buzzworthy effort called StashBag.

The album is a 10-track featureless collection. The new artist nabs talented producer, Dr. Merrow, for his new project and the two create a signature sound for the rising star that can be the foundation for his star power. StashBag is the defining moment for PC and the perfect jump-on point for newfound fans.

Stream PC’s new album, StashBag LP on Spotify

Flipping back and forth to freestyles and well-thought bars, PC embodies the golden age of 90s East Coast Hip Hop with majority of his content about hustling and gritty street stories. His tone solidifies a signature style that has been used by many greats in past that has also become a staple of East Coast Hip Hop. While a popular flow in the familiar region, PC’s rhymes can be a disconnect to fans in outer regions unfamiliar with the tone of the artist’s delivery. In the end, PC’s wordplay easily creates a controlled audience who will be addicted to every word that comes out of the artist’s mouth.

Aside from the use of popular hit beat selection, the solo production strategy is outstanding for the artist’s first look to fans. Tailor-made for the new artist establishing his career, the gritty, murky bass-driven and slightly slow beats are undeniably magnetic. From beginning to end, the sound is appealing and creates a nostalgic essence that fans will be expecting PC to further explore with refreshing takes using other producers for future albums.

Overall, while it’s PC’s project, Dr. Merrow steals the show with his experience, creativity and production behind the boards. Obligated to create a foundation for PC to express his thoughts through words together just to match, the production is simply irresistible. Outshined, PC still delivers impressive lyrical performance with fundamental buzzwords and slick execution. StashBag is worth the listen and set up an intriguing attraction that will be anticipated on the artist’s next project.

Ratings: 7/10

Highlights: Production

Artille – “Highs & Lows” (Album)

Rising Tampa Bay, FL based underground Hip Hop artist Artille releases his second album titled “Highs & Lows“.  The concept of the album is to showcase his battle with addiction by discussing the good and bad times he experienced. The instrumentals range from joyful to dark to help depict the ups and downs of substance abuse.

El Da Sensei & Sadat X – “Power Moves” | MIC SESSION

Hip Hop legends El Da Sensei & Sadat X slides thru our Los Angeles HQ and drops their exclusive Mic Session performing, “Power Moves”.

Follow El Da Sensei on IG: https://www.instagram.com/senseifromnj

Follow Sadat X on IG: https://www.instagram.com/sadatx

Q&A With Atlanta Based Hip Hop Artist CASH

Let me ask you CASH, you how long have you been a Hip Hop artist?

I’ve literally been rapping since about the age of 6 or 7 but I would say I really started taking it serious in like 2003. I started out in a group and we did a couple of mixtapes and I ended up venturing off and doing my own thing. Long story short, I was born to do this lol.

What specific area are you from?

I am originally from New York and being a military brat, I’ve lived in a lot of places but I’ve spent most of my years in Atlanta.

Also, how did you get you emcee name?

So Cash is actually my real name but my emcee name C.A.S.H., pronounced CASH, is actually an acronym meaning Charisma, Art, Style and Hustle which are things that define who I am. Now that, I made up myself lol but the real credit goes to my mother for naming me Cash.

We notice your style is super original and more on the modern boombap/trap twist! Let us know how your style if different than all the rap artists out there!

What makes me different from other artists is my authenticity and openness to be vulnerable in a time where most rap artists are still keeping up this facade of needing to be “hard” and portray a fictitious lifestyle. I’m very emo and it comes out in a lot of my artistic expression. On top of that, my ear is musically trained. I grew up on real music and have been in organizations from orchestra to band from elementary school all the way to college so most of my music will sound very melodic and those trap vibes come from me being on the south side of Atlanta for so long, haha.

Bro, you new album “Hear Me Paint” is absolute FIRE!!! Please breakdown the creative process behind this album.

Man honestly I got to a place where I took a break from music and journeyed into finding myself and ended up falling in love with knowledge, spirituality and art. It got so bad my spot started to look like a museum cause I had collected so many paintings lol. I also was going through a heavy heartbreak and I just started creating and it started turning into me just painting pictures in audio form, if you notice, the title of my intro is Blank Canvas, and the outro is titled masterpiece and everything in between is me painting one big picture of experiences, hence the title “Hear Me Paint.”

Also how do you feel about the review we issued out for the project!  As Cthree stated “Just like a breath of fresh air that’s the perfect way to explain how this entire album”…

I loved it, I felt like it was very detailed and a great perspective. I hear the phrase “a breath of fresh air” often when it comes to my music and it just makes me feel like I’m on the right path. Overall, I was just happy and humbled that you guys took out the time to hear me paint, lol.

Do you remember the day/time when you realized you wanted to become an Hip Hop artist? Was there and special person in your life that influenced you to become an Hip Hop artist?

I don’t remember the exact day or time but I do remember having a boom box radio with the two cassette tape inserts lol, and I snuck one of my moms cassette tapes and it was this one song and artist that just blew my mind. The artist was The Notorious B.I.G. and the record was Total-Can’t You See featuring him and when I heard that delivery and charisma from him as soon as the song came on I just knew I wanted to make people feel the way he made me feel, so the credit goes to BIG for inspiring me as an adolescent.

How does social media playing a role in your success? How are fans/supporters helping your movement?

Social media plays a big role in my success because I’m able to reach people from all over the world while still being in ATL. There’s people in Africa, Brazil, London and many other places that have heard and love my music and it just amazes me but it will be even more amazing when that bag comes lol, but all I really ask for is for people to lend an ear and listen to me and spread the word because I know if people do that one by one, slowly but surely the world will know who I am and I’ll be a household name.

Your TOP 5 in Hip Hop….Deal or Alive?

This is in no particular order but I’ll say BIG, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Andre 3000, and

With this being an underground hip hop site, we always ask this important question. What is your definition of “underground hip hop”?

My definition of Underground Hip-Hop would be Hip-Hop that hasn’t reached the surface/mainstream status yet. Hip-Hop that’s still raw and of the essence, it has a certain sound, you can just tell when you hear it.

Where can people find you on the Internet? Drop all the vital links.

So my website Hearmepaint.com is still in the works but you can find me on there, Instagram @hearmepaint, Twitter @hearmepaint and Facebook.com/hearmepaint.

Cash – “Hear Me Paint” (Album)

Hear Me Paint“, new Album by rising Atlanta based Hip Hop artist CASH.

Q&A With Rising Underground Hip Hop Artist F.A.C.E

Congratulations on your new single, “Smooth Criminals” Featuring Jag catching waves currently, tell us a bit about the single and the message you want fans to get?

Thank you on the congratulations! The song definitely was put out as the first single because it was a collaboration between myself, Barlos, Christian Ford(Mad Science records/BHBWI) who produced it and Jag. Being from the same city and growing up Black & Brown have always beefed in our areas so I wanted to show in the video and song that something dope happens when we come together and break bread. Also that we don’t necessarily do this for the clout but for our people and the culture.

Is your real name F.A.C.E, or is it your artist name?

My real name isn’t F.A.C.E. lol. It’s my artist name. It comes from being called Scarface back in the day for the things I was known for and was shortened to Face by a homie and later an acronym because like my music I wanted my name to stand for something.

How long have you been making music?

I started writing poetry and rhymes when I was 12 didn’t start really recording until I was 15/16. Was going hard for some time but when I had kids I had to secure their wellbeing and didn’t come back into it heavy until about 2012.

We do notice you have a EP “Kush & Caffeine”, is it out yet? Where can people find it?

Kush & Caffeine by F.A.C.E. & Barlos is available on all streaming platforms.

How did you end up linking with Jag? Dude is super dope and we are huge fans of his work!

I’ve known Jag for some time. Back in the day there was a crazy event known as “The Pit” on the west side of Los Angeles. Everyone used to go there and although I was too young to attend my crew would get me in. Being there, I was blessed to meet and see some incredible spitters at a young age like Disaster, Bad Luc, the homie Jag, Micky Munday, Verbs, and more. Jag also grew up in the same neighborhood as me so when I wanted the collaboration to mean something more it made sense and I reached out.

Describe the genres of music you are making since we hear different sounds?

My genre of hip hop is definitely aimed more at the world music stage. I mean I’m from South L.A., grew up all over LA and spent every summer of my formative years in Ecuador. I wanted every piece of me to show in the sound. I made sure to have hard hitting beats from producers like KT the Terrible, and Noel the Producer (formerly known as Freeverse) to Latin infused tracks from DJ ZXN and Christian Ford. I also made sure to show my versatility with rapping in both English and Spanish. The scratching on the project came from DJ Ethos (Subsuelo crew) which definitely added to the hip hop feel to show the roots it all came from for me.

Please tell us a bit about your hometown, how is the Hip Hop scene in your area?

I grew up all over L.A. but resided off of Normandie and 27th. Trekking between there and Leimert Park where I grew up recording there was definitely always a prevalent hip hop scene. Project bowed was popping when I was a kid and watching from the eyes of an outsider. When I came of age it had transformed into Bananas with Verbs. I moved to North East LA later and of course the scene there has also been thriving for years.

As you know, we are a Hip Hop site. Any raw Hip Hop songs in the works delivering bars over hard hitting beats?

Definitely. If you look at my earlier work it was all bar oriented. Con Sangre from my project Black & Brown Volume 2 (2012) delivers just that. “Loco!” a single from last year also delivers bars over a hard beat produced by THX beats. If you’re interested in more my partner Barlos and I rap over popular beats on YouTube and call it “Food for Thought Fire Friday”

Any other new music or collabs in the works?

I am currently working on a group project with my crew The Monster Mash Up Clan(MMupClan), a solo project produced by Sesh One and a new series of “Food For Thought Fire Friday” with different MCs. Also working on putting together events with our productions companies : 213 Monstrous Productions, DaillSpot, Higher Ground Promo, and Shneaky Ent.

Our highlight question, what’s your definition of underground hip hop?

My definition of Underground Hip Hop would be the same for any form of hip hop. It’s the voice of the oppressed in any medium, whether it be from the original four pillars or the new additions that we now consider part of the culture.

Lastly, any shout outs?

I’ve got to shout out Shneaky for putting me onto the SELA community and making me feel at home there. He puts on for his area like no other. Jelani for partnering with me in making my events like Hip Hops night at Golden road brewery a success. Barlos for always rocking with me. Mando El Pelado and James Heated Queemaa! Mescal for hopping on the project! DJ Ethos and the whole Subsuelo Crew for putting us on so heavy! KT, Christian Ford, DJ ZXN, and Freeverse for the production on my project! Last but not least StreetRebirth.com ’s Smurf for always having my back!

F.A.C.E. & Barlos – “Kush & Caffeine” (EP Review)

F.A.C.E & Barlos drop a new album titled “Kush & Caffeine” I loved  how the introduction song had added elements from island music & Hip Hop roots, The duo has created a friendly chemistry together as the underlining energy is fun which makes you want to listen. From 1st glance the album cover was well put together and the logo spoke right to the core audience, This 7 song Ep is a solid ride for the fans of music & Hip-Hop period again the production set the tone for this project as you never could predict the next sound.

The 1st song on the album titled as the EP “Kush & Caffeine” starts of with high energy verses and compact flow, The hook was a reflection of the drug world and how the medicinal  community and hard drugs has always been blended within the music culture. I especially liked how each artist was able to show their personality as the album continues giving us a more complete overview of the album and the artist as a whole. “Trapatio” was full of latin and island elements that helped transcend the album to trap wave sound, The rapid rhyme scheme made it even more high energy and entertaining.

Next in rotation”The Grim Adventures of “FACE & Barlos” had a dark overtone to it with fun attributes added to top of the merging sound. The artist have continued to prove themselves lyrical with a rapid cadence approach. What I love about this album is the way each song stays within the concept but drastically able to change. Blood sweat and tears says grind until we die the message is clear both these artist make this album come to live.  “Smooth Criminals” is just that I love the Spanish and melodic sound created I can forsure see this played on the radio in many different formats.

“Bandera” meaning the flag was beautifully put together the HipHop scratching elements and the Latino rap with soothing jazz sound made this a a standout track. The production continues to show why it is one of the most important elements in creating cohesive album tracks, Representing for their familia & culture. Its always special to see artist put their city or people on there back it creates a since of loyalty were your fans will resonate with you even more.

“Gone Numb” is a phrase we use when our heart is broken but this song is about that and the numbing from drugs causing depression, you can say these are topics that most of the world does not choose to talk about. regardless of what the message sends it sparks a much needed convo about drug abuse in the inner city & suburban communities. Our Hip-Hop great Mac Miller recently transitioned by an apparent suicide. Stay updated with this duo F.A.C.E & Barlos by adding them on social media supporting new music & video releases.

Rating: 7.5

F.A.C.E. & Barlos – “Kush & Caffeine” EP

New album by F.A.C.E. & Barlos titled “Kush & Caffeine“. This is a must listen today!

Q&A With Rising ATL Hip Hop Artist Squallé

With musical influences by legends like Jay-Z, Nas, Rakim, Big K.R.I.T, OutKast, and J. Cole, the Georgia spitter Squallé popped onto the scene with his debut project, Real Rap Ain’t Dead, displaying just that fact. Dropping projects back to back Squallé continued to hit the ground running with his music career releasing his follow up project, No Squares Allowed.

Not lettin’ upon the game’s neck, he dropped his third self-titled project, Squallé Shottem. Keeping the momentum – he released the “Trinity” of chart-topping projects. These top releases came as the highly anticipated projects, Black PiccasSoulDope Souls and Iconic Soul. His latest project, Alpha Lyrae came as a 7-track EP dropped this summer.

Learn more about Squallé in the interview below.

Now that we told fans a little bit about who you are as an artist, let’s get into it! How would you describe your musical style?

“So listen, my style is a dope lyricism. It is a bit of old school peppered with a diverse flow, catchy hooks, and melodic bridges. I guess my style would be considered “conscious rap.”

If you didn’t become a musician, what would be doing right now? Would you be focused solely on being an activist for your community?

“I wouldn’t necessarily label myself as an activist. I love my people and I love my community. I am a voice. An instrument, a resource to be used for the progression of the city. I’m deeply involved in my community now because I want to see everyone win. You know that saying “be the change you hope to see” I aspire to be just that.”

Not only do you use your voice to showcase your talents through music, you use your voice as an instrument for the city. With that being said, in what ways have your surroundings shaped your creativity?

“My surroundings shaped everything about my existence – how I operate and view life. My perfection of failures, victories, and triumphs are different. How I act, think, and my music is based on all of that. I don’t force myself to write, I let my aspirations and motivations control what goes into the music. 

Who or what influenced you to get in music aside from your musical influences like Jay z, J. Cole, Nas, etc. 

“Well growing up I had a neighbor who I got kinda close with. When I’d get out of school, I’d go over to his place and he’d show me all these books filled with lines and lines of music – raps specifically. I literally fell in love. I fell in love with music. I started rhyming when I began talking. l carried a rhyming dictionary and I couldn’t wait to get home from school because I knew that I was going to learn something new.”

Considering you were introduced to music and what has grown to be your passion at such a young age, At what age did you begin creating, and in which mediums?

“I started writing my own raps when I was 9. I was into poetry too.”

Your latest project, Alpha Lyrae was personally one of my favorites. The growth and significance hold weight. Where did you find your artistic inspiration?

“I’m very big on astronomy. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always been intrigued by stars, planets, and life on earth. It was derived from a constellation called the Lyra constellation which came from our ancestors and they believed it gave people the gift of music. Alpha is brightest and Lyrae is a star so that’s where I got it. It’s about self-love being the best person you can be.”

How long did it take to curate the EP?

Alpha Lyrae took 6 months.”

How does this project differ from your last project, Iconic Soul

“Stylistically, I am different. I’m giving people a lot of different elements of myself that I normally wouldn’t. The iconic soul is very lyrical. I was walking a line, I was being safe. With Alpha Lyrae, I was being versatile with everything. Even the way I rap was outside the way I do things. And I think my music elevated a lot more I was in a different space when I recorded this. And I was more vulnerable. I bared my soul and I was more comfortable.”

With back to back hit projects and singles, what do you hope to accomplish this year with your music?

“Grammys, songwriter awards. I want to be known, before I leave this earth, as one of the greatest to ever do it. Music-wise, performance-wise. I don’t think it’s impossible for me to be considered a legend. I just want to be remembered for making great music. I wanna accomplish a legacy that will live after I’m gone.”

What’s next? I know you’re gearing up to open up for DaBaby, how do you feel about that?! 

“I feel excited. This is the biggest crowd that I’ve ever performed in front of and I know that I’m going to kill it. This could really boost my career and I just hope that everyone there is going to enjoy the show.”

Have you ever dealt with performance anxiety?

“In the beginning, I had bad anxiety. Now I wouldn’t call it anxiety. I definitely, get nervous but my mom always said that the moment you stopped getting nervous means you’ve stopped caring.”

Those are beautiful words of encouragement. Your mom is completely right! To remove some of the nervousness, as creators we rehearse. What are your rehearsals generally like? Do you have a set time and week when gearing up for performances?

“Normally, I rehearse every day for about 3 hours. I’ll run through the show over and over and try and come up with things that aren’t predictable that I can do.”

That’s good! Practice makes perfect. Which songs do you perform most frequently? Do you have a set playlist?

“My Dope Souls Intro, “Dreaming”, “Holyfield”, “Transport”, and ”Important”.

Dope! I can’t wait to come and support you at your next show! To close out our interview, I have to ask. You’re so in tune with your fans, community, and more so if you had one message to give to your fans, what would that message be?

“No matter what people tell you, no matter where you from no matter the dream, you can do it if you just stay focused. You can accomplish anything you want. Dreams and gifts and talents are a gift from God that no one can take!”

Mor.Bookings Presents City 2 City Mixtape vol. 1

An event planning agency based in New York City, Mor.Bookings is a platform that gives musicians across all genres opportunity to showcase their talent and skill-set.  Their newest initiative, City 2 City (Vol 1) Mixtape series seeks to market emerging artists and promote their music via streaming platforms.

Gang Starr – “One of the Best Yet” (Album Review)

Gang Starr is a revered East Coast hip hop duo consisting of Guru & DJ Premier. Before disbanding in 2006 as well as Guru’s death in 2010, the 2 have made a name of themselves with arguably one of the greatest discographies in hip hop history. But with the 10 year anniversary of Guru’s passing coming up in 5 months, Premier has decided to commemorate him with 1 last album under the Gang Starr name.

After the “Sure Shot” intro, we go into the first song “Lights Out”. Where Guru & M.O.P. get bloodthirsty over an explosive piano-inflicted beat. The track “Bad Name” disses wack rappers over a soulful boom bap beat while the song “Hit Man” with Q-Tip sees the 2 comparing themselves to assassins over a gritty beat.

The track “What’s Real” with Group Home & PRhyme finds everyone defining their versions of real over an instrumental that sounds like Moment of Truth era Gang Starr & after the “Keith Casim Elam” interlude, the song “From a Distance” with Jeru the Damaja sees the 2 reclaiming their prowesses over an orchestral boom bap beat.

The track “Family & Loyalty” with J. Cole finds the 2 talking about diamonds over a luxurious beat while the song “Get Together” with Nitty Scott sees the 2 getting romantic over a slow instrumental. After the “NYGz/GS 183rd” interlude, the song “So Many Rappers” talks about the rap game over a tense instrumental.

The track “Business or Art” with Talib Kweli sees the 2 talking about the industry over a haunting beat, but the next song “Bring It Back Here” is so short that it really shouldn’t have been placed on here. After the titular interlude, the penultimate track “Take Flight” is a cutthroat installment of Gang Starr’s “Militia” series with Big Shug & Bumpy Knuckles. Then the closer “Bless the Mic” finds Guru flawlessly showing off his skills 1 last time.

I’m not a big fan of posthumous albums, but this is one of the better ones out there. Guru’s unreleased verses are well incorporated as are the features & DJ Premier continues to show that he’s one of the best producers in hip hop history.

Score: 8/10

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Farewell Pops, RIP John Witherspoon By Jhantu Randall

If you’re a person born in the 1980s you were blessed to see actor and comedian, John Witherspoon really reach his prime. A comedians comedian, Witherspoon had the rare ability to make almost every line he said a potential quotable. For many “Bang, Bang, Bang,” was his catchphrase as he used it playing Pops in The Wayan’s Bros sitcom although that routine was done years earlier in his role in Robert Townsend’s 1987 film “Hollywood Shuffle.” His first major role was that of Ice Cube’s father, Willie Jones in the Friday series and even tough he continued to do cameos and supporting roles, he managed to reintroduce himself to a new generation playing the voice of Grand dad in Aaron Mcgruder’s “Boondocks” cartoon. 

Born John Weatherspoon in Detroit, Michigan on January 27, 1942, he was one of 11 children. His elder brother William became a songwriter for Motown, writing the lyrics to the 1966 hit song “What Becomes of the Brokenhearted.” Witherspoon had an affinity with music as he was proficient in playing the Violin, French Horn and the Trumpet. Starting his career as a model he began to drift towards comedy in the 1960s where he would meet and come to be associated with other comedians such as Tim Reid, Robin Williams and Richard Pryor. His first television appearance came in the 1970s CBS show “Barnaby Jones” starring Buddy Ebsen. Witherspoon played a drug and alcohol counselor in his role. From there he made guest appearances on “Good Times,” “What’s Happening,” and “The Incredible Hulk” in 1977. In 1982 he guest starred on WKRP Cincinnati playing Detective Davies alongside his friend, Tim Reid.

From 1980 onward he made his many bit parts in movies rather memorable, from the reverend in Keenan Ivory Wayan’s “Im Gonna Get ya Sucka” to Mr Strickland in 1990s “House Party,” although for me personally, he stole the show playing David Allen Greer’s father, Mr Jackson in Eddie Murphy’s 1992 film “Boomerang.” In 1995 he solidified himself as Pop’s William’s in “The Wayan’s Bros” alongside Shawn and Marlon Wayans. Each week he managed to push the comedy even further with his patented over the top delivery.

Continuing to do both movies and film, John Witherspoon was a comic staple throughout the 90’s and 2000s doing guest spots on “Martin” and “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” to a stint on the short lived Tracey Morgan show, followed by voiceovers for Disney’s “The Proud Family” and “Kim Possible.”  He found a solid gig again playing Lloyd in 31 episodes of comedian Slink Johnson’s show “Black Jesus” alongside other comedians Corey Holcomb and the late Charlie Murphy.

John Witherspoon constantly toured doing standup comedy all across the country until his death. He passed on October 29th, 2019 at his home. He is survived by his wife, Angela Robinson who he had been married to since 1988 and his 2 sons, JD and Alexander. As news broke of his passing many came to show their condolences, from a fan perspective it feels like 2 generations worth of people lost an uncle in a single moment.