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Friday, August 31, 2018

PODCAST: How Pasadena Failed Me As A Child In The Community

Mistah Wilson opens up about how his hometown of Pasadena, CA has ultimately failed him as an art community and also how it's pushed him to move out of the state. From foster care to the local music scene, Mistah Wilson, commonly known as Bing Bing, reflects on going from an ambitious kid growing up on Wilson Avenue to being written off by the constituents within his unique niche...local, native artists. This topic is NOT a 'complaint' but more of a untold truth.

Monday, August 27, 2018

Listen to "Ima Gangsta" by KStone (The Ghetto's Preacher)


Saturday, August 25, 2018

Watch "Giants Bleed" music video by Paco Swartz (Produced by S Claz)

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Watch "Giants Bleed" music video by Paco Swartz (Produced by S Claz)

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Listen to "If I'll Make It Back Home" by Phil Phree featuring PASHA (((AUDIO)))

Listen to "If I'll Make It Back Home" by Phil Phree featuring PASHA (((AUDIO)))

Friday, August 17, 2018

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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Stream & Purchase "West Till My Death" album by Gangsta Ric feat. Midget Loco + J. Rell + Ese Saint + Kozme + Jasper Loco + & more...

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***New Album Alert*** Steel Banging artist Gangsta Ric Ricardo Renfroe just dropped his album "WEST TILL MY DEATH"

Monday, August 13, 2018

Watch "On That P Shit" music video by GANGSTA RIC feat. Midget Loco & MerC

"On That P Shit" (official music video) 1080HD

Artist: Gangsta Ric featuring Midget Loco & Mer-C
Album: West Till My Death
Label: Steel Banging Musick
Beat produced by: Lyrik Cruz of Steel Banging Musick
Video produced by: EG Photography
Car clubs: Pasadena Hightimes & Casuals (Pasadena)
Polocker: Poplockin Kreeper

download music by Gangsta Ric at:

Order this album when it releases at:

Friday, August 10, 2018

ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue66 (August 2018) featuring Mance Makall

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August 2018's edition of ThaWilsonBlock Magazine features Hayneville, Alabama rapper Mance Makall + #SaveTheShowBox + Seattle's Historic Central District + Seven Da Pantha + ReaLife + Supporting Local Artists + R.I.P. Shmeeze + Alissa Musto + OptiMystic + PR DEAN + Macklemore + Annie-O + The Chillionaires + Nems + ABSoarin + FreshFromDE + so much more…

Sunday, August 5, 2018

PODCAST: Why Streaming Music Sucks by Mistah Wilson on WilsonBlock100 Radio

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Mistah Wilson talks about Why Streaming Music Sucks. Ever notice how phone plans went from unlimited everything to charging users for how much data they use? What was so wrong with Nextel Walkie Talkies? Don't be fooled by major corporations, the digital download has been tha best, most efficient way of accessing media. With the rise of internet toll lanes, internet access alone has now become a utility and they are successfully selling digital data that doesn't cost them anything! At the end of the day, with the evolution of the music industry, music streaming KEEPS the control in the interests of the major corporations. And I'm not to excited about contributing to an industry that has never recognized me anyhow.