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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Add Your Music to WilsonBlock100 Radio Spotify Playlist

WilsonBlock100 Radio is curating a playlist of songs by local artists and musicians on Spotify. Add your music to gain organic Spotify Streams!

What is a "One-Sheet" and Why Artists Need Them

For those unfamiliar, a one-sheet is a one page overview of your band and/or music. Often, a one-sheet is used by PR agents, distributors, and other industry professionals to determine how sellable your band is to any given audience. When crafting a one-sheet, you want to ensure that it’s pleasing to the eye and making an impactive impression of your band. By following our essential checklist, your one-sheet will stun readers and professionals alike.

Friday, July 20, 2018

How To Find Jobs as a Musician

Session work is one of the steadiest ways to earn a living as a musician. The work is often flexible, so you can schedule it around your other projects as you see fit.

Whether you’re a guitarist, drummer, singer, or play a different instrument, as a session musician you’ll be hired to play your instrument for studio sessions, live shows, and tours for either a percentage of the profits or a flat fee.

Here are some ways to help you find work as a session musician...

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Mr. McStrange Talks GhutterPhunk, Speaker Creatures, And New Music on WilsonBlock100 LIVE!!!

Download This Show: http://bit.ly/2LrtPpy

Mr. McStrange debuts new music by GhutterPhunk exclusively on WilsonBlock100 Radio 

Music by 
Eternal Y Grim "For The People" http://bit.ly/2uD4ylc 
GhutterPhunk "Addict #6" 
Eternal Y Grim "Life Is But A Dream" http://bit.ly/2zJA9rg

The Few Basic Things Every Local Artist SHOULD Have...

Download This Show: http://bit.ly/2Lsl6DC 
Mistah Wilson goes over a few basic things every local artist should have. 

Music by 
Gabriel Teodros "Little Things" https://youtu.be/NLKtY6ERNJA 
2-Hye "It's Sealed" http://bit.ly/2urYaOA 
Spacepimpin "Backseat Driver" http://bit.ly/2LoaAR0

Supporting Local Artists: TANI + Midnight Sailor + Pasadena Music Scene + Dejuan Elliott + more...

Supporting Local Artists is a segment on WilsonBlock100 Radio where Mistah Wilson discusses 10 topics from http://www.thawilsonblock.net Every post on our blog gets published in ThaWilsonBlock Magazine on the 10th of every month. This segment was created so that our YouTube audience can experience ThaWilsonBlock Magazine. 


  1. Did You Even Know There is a Pasadena Music Scene TV Show???
  2. There is only 1 Blockbuster Store Left in the USA?
  3. How YouTube is Addressing Excessive Plagiarism
  4. A Lesson in Humble Leadership
  5. Jay-Z & Beyonce's COMBINED Net Worth Is Now Over $1 BILLION
  6. EVENT: 7/21/18 Los Angeles Live Score Film Festival (Proudly sponsored by ASCAP)
  7. Watch “Lovin’ U” (Music Video) by TANI
  8. "If It Wasn't for Bad Luck" by Midnight Sailor written by Kevin M. Berthiaume (Into The Sunset)
  9. Dujuan Elliott feat. Tani - "Don't Wanna" (Music Video)
  10. "Pull Up" by Nine (Official Music Video) [produced by the Snowgoons]

ThaWilsonBlock Magazine is a monthly digital publication showcasing local arts & culture. We are committed to the discovery and formal recognition of local talent. A new issue of ThaWilsonBlock Magazine is released on tha 10th of every month. 

Access ThaWilsonBlock Magazine

Join ThaWilsonBlock NetworkFormal Artist Introductions (FREE)

Article Interviews! (Now Booking)10-Question Exclusive Article Interview


Conceptual Street Sign Photography - Get Your Favorite Street Sign on A T-Shirt or other Miscellaneous items at the Mistah Wilson Photography Store

Mistah Wilson offers free consultations (with limited time) to artists in ThaWilsonBlock Network. If you have any questions, comments, or ideas you'd like to share with him, here is how to reach out!
Phone (626)817-6978
Email mistahwilson@thawilsonblock.net

Make a Generous Donation to Supporting Your Local Artists segment. Your donations go toward local artist outreach, equipment to represent artists in best possible way, and commissions for artists projects such as Magazine Covers, Sponsored Graphics services, & more...)

Why Angelenos Want LeBron James OUT Of Los Angeles

Mistah Wilson explains why true Angelenos don't want LeBron James playing for the Los Angeles Lakers, and yes he's speaking for EVERYBODY 👀 👀 👀 

Music by

Monday, July 16, 2018

Did You Even Know There is a Pasadena Music Scene TV Show???

Watch Now!
Did you even know there was a complete full season TV Show about Pasadena, California's local, native music scene? If not, that might be reflective of just how much the local government DOES NOT support it's local arts. So much for shopping local, eh?

Anyhoo, there is, in fact, a complete 10-Episode Season of the 'Pasadena Music Scene' TV Show. It was a show produced by Mistah Wilson of ThaWilsonBlock Magazine. It was a creative side project he put together while interning at Pasadena Media. 

The shows consist of raw, actual footage of local artists FROM Pasadena, California. A lot of the footage features rap freestyles, bagpipe performances, showcases & events, and visual interviews. It may not have been produced for syndicated entertainment, but it is a living documentary of local musicians from the great city of Pasadena, California. 

If you support local artists, please WATCH & SHARE!

Watch Now!

Sunday, July 15, 2018

"It's Sealed" Official Music Video by 2-Hye featuring Bing Bing (Prod. by Mos Keys // The Conference of the Council)

Buy Song   ///   Buy Album

Pasadena rapper 2-Hye features Bing Bing on "It's Sealed" from "The Conference of the Council" album

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue65 (July 2018)

Read   ///   Download

Featuring the biography of Soul / R&B musician Ockley from Lusaka, Zambia + Mistah Wilson brings thawilsonMAG to YOUTUBE via Supporting Local Artists podcast on WilsonBlock100 Radio + Lena Jackson + Singapore Kane + Helen Keller + Fela Kuti + Mobb Deep & more...

Saturday, July 7, 2018

How Mistah Wilson is Bringing ThaWilsonBlock Magazine to YouTube!

Mistah Wilson has just published Episode #1 of a new segment on his beloved podcast WilsonBlock100 Radio called "Supporting Local Artists". He's been working on ways to enhance the value of the content that makes it's way through ThaWilsonBlock Network. And now, with the default of WilsonBlock Wednesdays, Mistah Wilson plans to use this new segment to bring ThaWilsonBlock Magazine experience to our growing YouTube Audience! (Subscribe Here http://bit.ly/2NzDHz5)

The new "Supporting Local Artists" segment does not yet have a set schedule for the release of new episodes, however, it has been established that they will start off consisting of 10 articles per episode. The purpose of this segment is to talk about articles in ThaWilsonBlock Magazine and leave links to the content in the description of the YouTube video. By doing this, our audience can simply listen to what's new and if something sparks their interest, the corresponding link will be readily available. 

This segment should help boost readership of ThaWilsonBlock Magazine. Every article that gets posted to thawilsonblock.net is digested in the next issue of ThaWilsonBlock Magazine. So, essentially, a major portion of our readership comes from our blog. 

Mistah Wilson claims that as new episodes come out, this segment will soon be a week-to-month audio re-cap with corresponding links. This means that Mistah Wilson plans to do one episode per week to round up a 4-volume series per month. They will be categorized as follows: "Supporting Local Artists" Volume Number (Month + Year)

This podcast is great for the listener who has a genuine interest in local arts, culture, lifestyle, and inspiration. Mistah Wilson still has every intention of keeping ThaWilsonBlock Magazine full of cool, diverse content that is appropriate...and real, of course, for general audiences. 

Listen to Episode One below!