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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Free Artist Photo Shoot @ McDonald Park in Pasadena, CA 10/28

If you're an artist in or around Los Angeles/Southern California and are looking for a movement to join that will expand your network and presence, Tha DENA Music Scene, formerly known as the Pasadena Music Scene, is hosting an informal, free photo shoot for local, native, independent artists at McDonald Park in Pasadena, CA on Friday October 28th, 2016 from 12p-2p. 

This shoot is tha first of many to come each month as Bing Bing is working vigorously to unite tha local music scene in tha Pasadena / Altadena region. It is called the #BringingItTogether Free Artist Photo Shoot where local artists come together to take formal pictures with other artists demonstrating values of love, peace, & unity. By doing this, we are taking control of our artistic destinies and using our influence for tha greater good of ourselves and our community.

By having artists take photos together demonstrating honorable values, we can influence our future in a positive way. We must understand that WE have tha power to make it happen. The #BringingItTogether movement was created shortly after tha implementation of tha formal music scene (Tha DENA Music Scene) in Pasadena that encouraged artists from different circles and genres to come together and demonstrate a unity.

Artists who participate will receive:

  1. One Professional Portrait of themselves.
  2. Publicity in Magazines, Blogs, Forums, Website, Social Media, and Word of Mouth.
  3. A formal Certificate of Recognition that states you are recognized by your local music scene. This is what we create as an alternative to tha commercial scene to provide ourselves with a platform to grow.
  4. One free exclusive audio/article interview for publication.
  5. Free food!
According to Mistah Wilson, many DENA rappers are still reluctant to join tha local music scene movement. As a result of this, tha Pasadena Music Scene and Pasadena Hip Hop Scene are now consolidated into Tha DENA Music Scene hoping to encourage more DENA artists to participate. "We need our DENA rappers especially to know that there are little to no resources or entities out there that cater to our exclusive type of demographic genre," exclaims Mistah Wilson. "That is why we are here. To revive & preserve local urban culture." 

Artists that are not originally from tha Pasadena / Altadena region are still highly encouraged to attend and participate in tha #BringingItTogether movement. You will join an ever-growing network with no financial dues or requirements and you will be formally recognized by your local music scene. Come meet cool, new artists while building your portfolio at tha same time!

Questions or Comments
Call (626)586-4440

Monday, October 17, 2016

Paco Swartz & Tommy Bunnz "Wake Up" music video sure to inspire!

Paco Swartz and Tommy Bunnz are respected not just for who they are, but for what they do. Tha two artists came together for a grand Teddy Pendergrass remix called "Wake Up" that is sure to inspire artists and fans alike.

"I've seen cocaine in a diaper bag, and young men turn to bangin' just like their dad," says Paco Swartz in tha opening line of tha song. Tommy Bunnz directs a masterpiece that should reach every aspiring artist out there. This song is good for those growing up in tha inner-city as it brings awareness to tha harsh realities of life that many of us are subjected to. "It makes me sad to see a sister high off tha glass, or $20 to ya name, tryna make it last." Tha music video sets a great example of two artists having love & respect for each other.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Download Verbal Abuse mixtape by Relly 2euce (Ryane Mooves, AV Kinidee, YG Chief, Young Quise, 2dalu, Bing Bing)

  1. Get Wit It (Intro) by Relly 2euce
  2. Hustlaz, Playaz, & Bitches by Relly 2euce
  3. Before & After by Relly 2euce
  4. Stunt Hard by Relly 2euce
  5. Feins by Bing Bing & Relly 2euce
  6. Pandamonium by Relly 2euce
  7. Duffle Bag Dixon by Relly 2euce feat. Young Quise
  8. Reppin That 500 by Relly 2euce
  9. Place Called Home by Relly 2euce
  10. Dirty Money by Relly 2euce feat. YG Chief & Tre Boog
  11. Champions (Interlude) by Relly 2euce
  12. Mr. Dixon by Relly 2euce feat. Ryane Mooves
  13. 6ix Tummies by Relly 2euce feat. St. X
  14. Nightrider by Relly 2euce feat. AV Kinidee & 2dalu
  15. Beast Mode by Relly 2euce & YG Chief
  16. Veterans by Relly 2euce feat. AV Kinidee
  17. Impossible Is Nothin' by Relly 2euce

Listen/Download Tha Grey Area mixtape by PokeyLo (2013)

  1. Parental Misguidance by PokeyLo feat. Phil Phree
  2. Hope by PokeyLo
  3. Ditto by PokeyLo
  4. Tha Streetz Iz Watchin' by PokeyLo
  5. 2 1 1 by PokeyLo & Iwil
  6. As I Walk Away by PokeyLo feat. Crystal Nahidi
  7. Peace by PokeyLo
  8. Skill Level Dangerous by PokeyLo feat. Iwil
  9. Fixated by PokeyLo feat. Bigg Bump
  10. Tha Journey by PokeyLo feat. Bing Bing
  11. Let You Live by PokeyLo
  12. Truth by PokeyLo
  13. Sooo Good by PokeyLo

Monday, October 10, 2016

ThaWilsonBlock Magazine Issue44 (October 2016)

#ReginaldThomas + Grieves, Scarface, Grimstyles, Nipsey Hussle, Adele, Larry McZeal, The Game, E DuB, JAY Z, Bing Bing, Ice Cube + Rey Avalon Exclusive Article #Interview + Mcsteezy "Push Yourself Harder" + Quick Tips for Great #StreetPhotography + so much more... 

DJ Highlight's 'Hometown Heros' mixtape features various DENA artists
Click to Download
DJ Highlight, a DENA artist who hosts mixtapes, has recently released the 'Hometown Heros' mixtape with a variety of DENA artists. To much of our surprise, we saw no track by Bing Bing featured on the project, a clear Pasadena hometown hero who arguably puts in tha most work for the Pasadena Hip Hop Scene. "I guess walking 27 miles to unite tha local music scene doesn't mean much," says Bing Bing

Nonetheless, the project comes equipped with heavy hitters like Major James, Ethan Avery, Blackwest, Paco Swartz, Zook, Hard Reign, & more. The project boasts a well-balanced variety of Pasadena/Altadena artists. Released on August 6th, 2016, DJ Highlight shows tha scene that we are united...and have been for some time now.  

Take a listen to Hometown Heros mixtape and share your opinion!

Pasadena/Glendale rapper McSteezy chops it up with ThaWilsonBlock about New Music, Shows, and how to Push Yourself Harder
McSteezy, a local rapper from Pasadena and Glendale, respectively, chops it up with ThaWilsonBlock about New Music, Shows, and how to Push Yourself Harder!

McSteezy has been on his grind for years, and we're not talking skateboards. Then again, in this exclusive interview with ThaWilsonBlock, Steez & Mistah Wilson do speak on skateboarding and the inspiration to get back up again after nasty falls. 

McSteezy's latest music slaps! And when you check back on his earlier work, you'll see that he's always had it. When you see McSteez in real life, you might not think much of him as a rapper. But, when you tune into his music, you'd probably consider this guy one of tha greatest out right now. He's undeniable.

Altadena musician Larry McZeal has positive, encouraging words for the Pasadena Hip Hop Scene

We recently caught up with Altadena musician and bandleader Larry McZeal for a shout out to Pasadena's Hip Hop Scene.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Pasadena artist & designer E DuB releases cover of his 1996 sampler "EYEZ ON THA PRIZE"

If you're from Pasadena, California or any surrounding area, then you have at least a general idea of how strong the pride & culture is around DENA. One of the things we find amazing about Pasadena is that it has it's own hip hop scene that goes back significantly longer than many of us have been alive. In a recent conversation about Pasadena artist & designer E DuB's latest apparel line "We Are Born & Raised" & "Just A Kid From...", his old sampler cover for Eyez on tha Prize resurfaces from 1996. A local hip hop connoisseur's dream. Throwback. The sampler comes with an instrumental from local hip hop artist & producer Lasky B, who's still relevant on today's scene. 
For those who are a fan of local, old school hip hop, this is a good to have in tha collection to preserve local music scene heritage. After 20 years, tha value of these projects must not been overlooked. For more information on this compilation, visit We Are Born & Raised

Check out E DuB's latest Apparel & Merchandise

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Bakersfield Emcee Grimstyles drops inspirational music video for #NeverGiveUp